Strut UR Mutt at Vanish

Strut UR Mutt at Vanish

Strut UR Mutt at Vanish

On Saturday, Rustic took to a trip out to Lucketts, Virginia to attend 'Strut UR Mutt' at Vanish Brewery

 Vanish Brewery

There were plenty of bees, rainbows, and witches abound. Seeing all the cute doggos in costumes made Rustic's day! Our host was wonderful and we have some future opportunities brewing.

Rustic Slate Candle Company Booth at Vanish 

Rustic brought along new, Halloween-themed candles: Monster Fang, Beetle Juice, and Criminalized Pumpkin! They will be unleashed for sale online this Friday, October 1st. 

 Rustic Slates Halloween Themed Candles

Get ready for this weekend! Come out and see the candles at Makers, Farmers, Brewers 2nd Annual Oktoberfest.  We're at Rocket Frog Brewing Company in Sterling, where Rustic will be decorating his booth in traditional German Style.


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