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Handcrafted, Handmade Premium Scented Soy Candles | Rustic Slate Candle Company

In April, Rustic Slate started bringing high-quality, unique hand-poured soy candles to your home. We began with three floral scents to welcome Springtime. Since then, we have grown our catalog of aromas to nearly 20, offering floral scents such as Sakura, baked goods like Iced Lemon Biscotti, fall “flavors” like Apple Cider Donut, Holiday-scents like Candy Cane, and even a caffeinated “Soy” Latte

Our candles are made from soy grown from farmers in the United States. We use anchor hocking glass jars that are made in the USA. We are an American company based in Leesburg, Virginia and we try to source our production material from manufacturers in the United States. 

Rustic Slate Candle Company makes candles in small batches. This allows us to offer you an experience unlike mass-produced candles, which lose quality over time. Small batching creates a premium soy candle using quality control procedures, giving our candles an exceptional scent throw that will fill a whole room every time you burn them. Our aromas remain strong all the way down to the end of their 30+ hour burn time.

Whether you are in need of a handcrafted candle to add some warmth and cheer to your rainy day, or you just want your house to smell lovely, our candles will be there to light your way. Every candle is made with love and passion. When we sell a candle, it fills our hearts with pride and happiness. When we sell in person we get a chance to see the smiles that our aromas bring, and that fills our hearts with joy! Remember that for every candle that is purchased, we plant a tree to help offset our carbon footprint and to better the future of our world. Find more about our sustainable efforts here.

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